Winter has arrived and gardens are transformed with the change of season.

Deciduous Trees

June is the month when deciduous plants shed their leaves and move into a dormant period in preparation for an explosion of growth and colour as the spring arrives. During this dormant time, garden centres in cooler regions receive a vast selection of fruiting and ornamental trees, shrubs and berries for Winter planting.

Before planting your new fruiting and ornamental deciduous trees, it is very important to prepare their new home. Dig the hole about twice the size that you need to and dig a generous amount of a premium composted soil improver to give your trees the best start possible. When planting new trees, be sure to mound up the soil to avoid planting too deep. This allows a nice thick layer of mulch to be applied without covering the base of the tree. The application of mulch not only looks great, but helps to retain moisture, warm the soil and suppress weeds.
There are many new exciting varieties of dwarf growing fruiting trees available that are excellent in pots or in smaller garden areas. When growing any plants in pots always use a premium potting mix.


June is also the time that new seasons roses are available. Like the deciduous trees, winter is a dormant time for rose bushes and a great time to plant.


Most established deciduous fruiting trees, ornamental trees and rose bushes in the garden should be pruned in Winter – but not yet. To prune too early will stimulate the plant to produce new growth that will be damaged by the cold weather to come. From mid-July is the best time for the pruning of deciduous plants.

June Gardening Jobs

Indoor Plants
During the winter months there is much more time spent indoors. Growing plants indoors is hugely popular and there are many great plants available to create your Urban Jungle. Check indoor plants regularly and be ready to change your watering patterns. Winter is a great time to repot indoor plants. Always use a premium quality potting mix for the best results.

The Colours of June
The winter garden can be filled with life and colour. Flowering annuals such as pansies, violas, dianthus, sweet peas, nemesias, primulas and polyanthus all love the cooler weather. Plant garden beds, hanging baskets and pots for great Winter colour.

Fixup Time.
We all make mistakes in the garden and winter is the time to move those plants that are in the wrong position. Without the summer heat and the risk of drying out, now is the perfect time.

In the Veggie Patch

Tropics Sub-tropical Arid Temperate
Asian Greens Asian Greens Artichoke Artichoke
Asparagus Beetroot Asparagus Asparagus
Basil Broccoli Broccoli Broad Beans
Beetroot Cabbage Cabbage Broccoli
Cabbage Cauliflower Chives Coriander
Carrot Chives Dill Cabbage
Celery Coriander English Spinach Cauliflower
Chives Dill Garlic English Spinach
Coriander Garlic Mediterranean Herbs* Garlic
Fennel Kale Kale Kale
Mediterranean Herbs* Leek Lettuce Lettuce
Kale Lettuce Mint Mint
Leek Mediterranean Herbs* Onion Onion
Lettuce Mint Parsley Radish
Mint Onions Peas Rhubarb
Parsley Parsley Radish Silverbeet
Potato Peas Snow Peas Snow Peas
Radish Potatoes Strawberry Spring Onion
Rocket Radish Strawberry
Silverbeet Rocket
Spring Onion Rhubarb
Strawberry Spring Onion
Tomato Snow peas

*Including Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, and Oregano